5 Star Sneakers is a premium provider of limited production footwear.

Our "hunters" scour the earth for fine items to bring to you at prices far more fair than most current bids on eBay and other online retailers.


Our shoes are of the highest quality because they are from the genuine brands you know and love. We take great care of our inventory and inspect each pair.

We ship each box with extra packaging to ensure safe transit. A hand signed card accompanies the contents so you know who gave the final inspection and packed your shoes.

With all of our products you have a 14 day period to return an item if it doesn't fit or meet your expectation. You're only on the hook for shipping it back with a letter explaining why. You'll receive your money back if the item is in the same photo documented condition it went out at.


5 Star Sneakers started as an eBay seller in 2009. Since that time it has steadily grown to provide the finest goods with an emphasis on high-end footwear for men and women.

Our reviews have been excellent and our brand is growing since adding this website to the mix.